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How Naturopathy helps prevent COVID-19?

COVID-19 has become an ongoing global epidemic which the number of infected and deaths has yet to cease increasing. Professors and doctors are worried because there are still no medicines or solutions for this evolved Coronavirus. In fact, there are only few existing antiviral medicines and we have to rely on our own immune system to fight off most of the viral infections. People are recommended to wear masks when they go out and pay extra attention to personal hygiene in order to avoid the highly contagious virus. However, resources are running out so what else can we do to stay healthy?

Naturopathy theorises that human body has its own healing abilities. Our immune system produces specific antibodies for each type of antigens, which are proteins found on germs used by the immune system for identification. Therefore, having a strong immune system ensures the efficiency of this recognition process, so that it can produce the corresponding antibody when it encounters a new virus. That is why those who lost their lives to COVID-19 are mainly elderlies or people with chronic illnesses with a weakened immunity.

Now you know that strong immunity is the key to prevent COVID-19, but how to achieve that? Bioresonance machines can enhance the immune system by identifying and eliminating pathogenic signals including viruses, bacteria and mould. With less disturbance hindering, our immune system can work effectively against newly encoutered pathogens. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field machines can enhance body’s circulation which is also crucia, as human lymphatic system is used for discharging germs and pathogens from the body and acts as ‘highway’ for immune cells. Besides, certain supplements such as vitamin C, curcumin, and chaga, which have been proven to support immune system and detoxification, also play an important role.

The technologies and supplements are all natural, non-invasive and gentle. All age groups including babies, kids and elderlies are safe to use. To know more, do not hesitate to contact us or look for more information on our website!

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