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Physical and mental fitness enhancement

Physical Fitness 

Why do I keep getting injured?

Chronic inflammation at joints and muscles is common among athletes or sport enthusiasts.
We have heard numerous cases of injury reoccurrence. In most cases, the initial injury would not cause major issues if properly treated. However, for athletes or people who overtrain, injuries happen so often that inflammation may persist. One may get used to the pain and discomfort but it doesn't mean that the joints or muscles have recovered completely. Besides, scar tissues and blockages may build up at the initial injured location because of chronic inflammation, and may eventually affect circulation at other areas and lead to another injury. 

How can we help?

Pulsed electromagnetic Frequency healing is scientifically proven to be effective for inflammation relief, wound healing and enhancing recovery of bone fracture.

Mental Fitness 

Can exercise benefit your mental health?

Excerise can make you happy but too much exercise does otherwise. Some people can handle more exercise than others. That's why there are plenty of professional althetes suffering from mental illness. 

Day-to-day training, injuries, high expectation, influence of social media, mistreatment from the sport organization, competition at elite level, copying others' training method can all be the cause of depression among athletes. Especially for top athletes, living under the spotlight, they have to bear people's expectation. When one tries to meet the expectation of others and not fulfilling his/her own purpose, mental health issues would arise.

What else may affect you?

Cortisol level, which may trigger the fight or flight reposnse, will rise when you exercise too much and sleep quality is affected. After long hours of training, one may feel extremely exhausted but find it hard to recover and have a good night sleep, and will eventually lose motivation. 
By understanding your hormonal profile, we can figure out how well your mental fitness is. Simply by adjusting your diet or avoiding certain food not only improve your intestinal health, but also directly alter your brain chemistry and hormonal balance. 


How can we help?

Our services can determine what nutrients are essential for your physical and mental body. By improving physical and mental health, we can upkeep your body and mind at the best condition and face every challenge fearlessly.

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