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Postpartum Care

Pregnancy is life-changing for women. Apart from adapting to all the changes brought along by the children, there are also physical and mental changes. Hair loss, pain in the perineal area, clogged mammary glands, and mood swings are all common problems new mothers suffer from. However, all these can be relieved at our centre, with a gentle and mild way without adding extra burden to the already-delicate body.

What does our service do?

Balance hormones


Hormones govern one’s emotions. Pregnant women experience fluctuating hormone levels, leading to mood swing during and after pregnancy. Progesterone and estrogen are the two major hormones that bring them the feeling of anxiety, sadness, fear, frustration which may turn into postpartum depression. Many women also suffer from excessive hair shedding after delivery, which is also due to the change in estrogen level. Thus, by balancing these female hormones, mood swing and hair loss can be improved.


Improve lymph circulation at breasts


Clogged mammary glands can result in redness, pain, swelling or lumps in breasts. There are numerous lymph nodes at armpits and around breasts. Women find it hard to breast-feed when there are blockages in these areas. Blocked ducts can also increase the risk of mastitis, as the lymph nodes around breasts and armpits are responsible for filtering and keeping germs and wastes away from the breasts. Therefore, through enhancing the lymphatic circulation around breasts and armpits, milk can be smoothly secreted, and mastitis can be prevented.



Speed up wound healing and scar removal


Some ladies might have to or choose to undergo Caesarean section to delivery their babies, which involves making incisions in the mothers’ lower abdomen. Time for the wound to heal differs for everyone, and it may leave a scar for some. If a scar is formed, apart from appearance, it also affects circulation around abdomen. Bioreosnance machines can speed up wound healing and remove scars by stimulating the growth of new cells and removing toxins from the wound. Most of our clients experienced a faster wound healing process with reduced pain.

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