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Kids with Capes

Healthy kid's programme

Healthy Kids Programme

Do your children have the following problems: falling sick easily, suffering from allergic reactions like itchy skin and runny nose, easily distracted in class? These seem to be common problems among children nowadays. While medications can help relieving symptoms, they do not fix the causes of the symptoms, so relapse is often the result once stopping medication. This could a real headache to both parents and children.

How can we help?

Improve gut health


Overgrowth of pathogens, insufficient probiotics and undigested food toxins contribute to the inflammation of intestines. When the gut is chronically inflamed, the immune system will be irritated too, because the gut wall houses 70% of lymphatic cells that make up human immunity. This causes different allergic reactions such as eczema and sinusitis.

Toxins accumulated in the guts will block the absorption of nutrients and compromise the production of certain relaxing hormones and neurotransmitters which are important for children’s mood and focus. Thus, the benefits of having a healthy gut are much more than you thought!


Remove vaccine residues


There are more and more mandatory vaccinations for children. While vaccination is a good way to prevent the outbreak of epidemic in a society, there are risks that children’s immune system are not strong enough to handle the injected viruses. That is why children usually develop fever and get sick after injection. Vaccines may also contain small amounts of heavy metals which could accumulate in kids’ bodies as their detoxification system is not as mature as adults’. These could damage the nervous system and affect mental health in some cases. Therefore, vaccine residues must be handled for a strong and stable immune system.


Improve concentration


Some children can easily be distracted in class. They are not able to sit still and listen to the teachers and may take longer to finish homework too. Most children find lessons and homework boring, but lacking certain neurotransmitters can also be a reason for their behaviour. For example, dopamine is crucial for concentration and motivation; Glutamate is associated with learning and memory. Optimising the level of these neurotransmitters would improve children’s performance at school.

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