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Boosting immunity

Boosting immunity

Nowadays, peak season of cold and flu has gone from a few months of a year, to all year round. Many would turn to antibiotics once they are down with flu, but antibiotics are only effective in killing bacteria, while most flu infections are caused by viruses. The most effective weapon against viral infection is our immune system.

What does our immune system do?

Human immune system protects the body against diseases by identifying and attacking foreign substances including viruses, bacteria and parasites. The immune system has two lines of defense, which are primary and secondary response. Primary immune response happens when our body first encounter an unseen antigen, which is the identity of a foreign substance. The immune system takes time to recognise it and learn how to produce an antibody against this foreigner. Thus, people may suffer from symptoms during this period. On the other hand, secondary immune response happens when the body is infected by the same antigen again. The immune system will be able to identify it and produce antibody.

How can we help?

It is clear that a strong immune system is the key factor to stay away from sickness. The different therapy type set in the Bioresonance machine are able to identify and eliminate pathogenic signals that affect the immune system, including viruses, bacteria and moulds. With less disturbance hindering, primary immune response can take place more effectively whenever our body encountering a new pathogen. On top of that, enhancing lymphatic circulation can also enhance the discharge of germs and pathogens from the body.

Our centre also provides qualified supplements to support immune system and help eliminate pathogens from the body. These are natural substances with no side effects and are safe to use even for kids and elderly.

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