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Home Therapist and Your Health

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Why is it important to have your own holistic therapist? ­­­

Have you ever experienced a sudden illness that you could only be able to go to the nearest clinic, where those doctors do not have your medical history and may not effectively solve your problem? Having your own holistic therapist can avoid such situation as they get to understand your body conditions well so that they can choose suitable treatments for you. People do not realize the needs of having a regular physician whom they can see over many years or even a lifetime! Here are some of the reasons why is it important to have your own holistic therapist.

A regular holistic therapist knows you well.

A regular holistic therapist always has your medical records and history since the first time you have visited them. You do not need to repeat the information again which will make you feel more comfortable and help build up a reliable relationship with the therapist.

A holistic therapist is a generalist.

Generalists mean they are equipped with a wide range of knowledge, not only focusing on one part of the body or certain diseases. It is important as our organs are interrelated and issues with one organ or system can affect the rest of the body. Holistic therapists can help you with different health problems through a holistic way.

A holistic therapist manages chronic conditions.

Having lifelong holistic therapists is ideal for them to manage chronic illnesses because such conditions involve continued monitoring and ongoing care. For example, diabetics require close monitoring of their blood glucose level and regular review of their lifestyle.

A holistic therapist provides coordinated care.

Holistic therapists act as a bridge between patients and specialists. People can visit holistic therapists whenever they feel sick. The therapists will decide whether they ought to see other specialists, based on their medical history and current situations. This ensures them to receive the most efficient treatment as the therapists are knowledgeable and experienced enough to choose which specialist should the patients see.

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