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Holistic Health Assessment

In order to understand your health condition, your first visit is very important. You will have a 90 minute comprehensive health assessment during which we will evaluate your health status with non-invasive and pain-free technology and analyse the results according to different health theories.


General Reports will be provided right after the assessment. Thorough explanation to your body conditions and treatment for your major symptoms will be provided. Advice on lifestyle, treatment or supplements will also be given with the aim to improve your health in a holistic way.

Our health assessment includes:

  • Intestinal health analysis (SIBO, Protein assimilation and Intestine inflammatory index)

  • Toxicity Signals (heavy metals, fungal toxin, pesticide, stimulating beverages etc.)​

  • ​Pathogenic Signals (fungus, bacteria, virus and parasite)​

  • Organ Degeneration or Inflammation Level​

  • Meridian Blockages​

  • Radiation​​

  • Food intolerance and Allergy

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Hormonal Disorder

Our Technologies

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