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Bioresonance Therapy

What are the limitations of conventional medicine?

Conventional medicine is great at saving lives in emergency cases, but there are also a few drawbacks. While it works wonder for acute condition, conventional medicine often fails to handle and treat chronic conditions such as pain, cancer, allergies and autoimmune disease. In the meantime, people are suffering greater side effects of drugs, such as: resistance, dependency and over-dosage. On a larger scale, the ever-growing population and financial constraints are placing greater strain on medical institutions too. As a result, practitioners around the world would turn to complementary and holistic methods that offer safe and gentle solutions when conventional therapy has failed. Bioresonance therapy is one of these therapies, which has been proven as non-invasive and drug-free therapy with no known side effects. It has been widely used for over 50 years in Germany. It is also used to help childhood asthma and eczema and has been gaining popularity with vets as a complimentary therapy in animal health in China.

What happen to our body when we are sick?

To understand Bioresonance, we must first understand how our bodies react to illnesses. The body has self-healing power to regulate itself, but there are stressors that down-regulate the body’s functions and interrupt this self-healing process, such as: pollutants, toxins and emotional stress. While the body can withstand a single stressor alone, a combination of them could become overwhelming, and illnesses may arise.

On the other hand, quantum physics revealed that all substances (both living and non-living) emit electromagnetic waves. In human bodies, these waves are signals and instructions between cells that promote their healthy functioning and are known as physiological signals. Each type of cells has their own frequency patterns. For example, cells in the lungs have different frequency oscillations to cells in the stomach. Pathogens, toxins, and other harmful substances also have their frequency patterns which are known as pathogenic signals. When our body is attacked by foreign pathogenic substances, these pathogenic frequencies distort the cells’ normal communication systems, and affect our body’s functionalities, resulting in illnesses and diseases.

How can bioresonance help restore our body health?

Scientists have been cataloguing different frequency signatures in extensive databases. By finding resonating pathogenic frequencies, bioresonance machines can identify one’s pathogens and toxins that cause symptoms. Resonance is a common phenomenon that can be seen in daily life such as matching the vibrations of a tuning fork and that of a piano string. Simply by placing an input electrode (a metal plate) in direct contact with an individual’s skin, the electrode can collect and send the body’s frequency patterns to the machine, which then separates the received physiological and pathogenic signals. Physiological frequencies are magnified, and pathogenic waves are inverted by programmes set by the therapist. These wave patterns are then sent back to the body through an electromagnetic modulation mat. By cancelling the pathogenic frequencies, it reduces the influence of the stressors on the body and restore the body’s self-healing property. This technology is also seen in daily life. For example, noise-cancelling headsets also make use of this theory to cut down surrounding noise.

In conclusion, Bioresonance therapy works with the body’s own regulatory system. Quantum physics revealed that all substances emit electromagnetic waves in their own frequency patterns. Bioresonance machines can identify and neutralise pathogenic signals, allowing the body to heal itself, while magnifying the weakened physiological signals. As a non-invasive therapy, it is safe for even babies and vulnerable individuals.

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