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A supreme doctor cures disease before it happens --- The Importance of Preventive Medicine

Thousands of years ago in China, it was believed that doctors could be put into three classes according to their abilities: supreme doctors, secondary-leveled doctors, and elementary doctors. One would think that supreme doctors, being the most able would also be the most famous, but surprisingly, it was the elementary doctors who enjoyed most fame. To understand this phenomenon, you need to know the differences between these three groups of doctors.

Supreme doctors are so good that they could stop diseases from happening by tackling causes of diseases, and because patients do not feel any difference or changes during the process, the work of supreme doctors are often overlooked and thus the lack of recognition. Secondary-level doctors would be able to stop diseases from worsening when symptoms start to develop. The public would think that they can handle small problems and thus they enjoy more reputation than supreme doctors. Elementary doctors only start treating when the patients are suffering from symptoms, and because patients experience improvement, they would think elementary doctors are really good at their job and hence they are the most famous.

It was stated in the oldest Chinese medicine book, Huangdi Neijing, that prevention is better than cure. It was also agreed and quoted by the World Health Organization. Diseases and symptoms are alarms from the body warning about its disfunction, suppressing them with medications does not cure the problem from the root. Instead, we should investigate reasons for our compromised self-healing ability, e.g. toxins, stress, pathogens, and poor lifestyle, and treat it from there.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Preventive medicine is the most important step you can take to manage your health. Research also revealed that many risk factors leading to illness and premature death are preventable. Through strengthening body’s functions and its self-healing power, we can get rid of diseases and enjoy a better life!

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