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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy 

Have you ever heard of PEMF? It is around us though we cannot feel it. The Earth gives a pulsing magnetic field at 7.8 Hertz; Lightning strikes induce electromagnetic pulse with a much higher voltage; and interestingly, the Earth needs lightning to support lives on it. If it is something we cannot feel, how does PEMF relate to our health?


What is the relationship between human body, geomagnetic force and electric current?

The human body is designed to use the Earth’s geomagnetic force at a cellular level. In other words, body cells require geomagnetic field of the Earth to maintain their functions. A typical example is that astronauts suffering from great loss in bone density after returning from the Space. In more severe cases, they cannot even walk properly at first. Scientists have figured that this is caused by the lack of the Earth’s geomagnetic pole. PEMF therapy has been a cure since its invention, and it has also been approved by FDA and used by NASA to stimulate bone regrowth of astronauts.

Human body runs on electric current. One proof is that heart activity is measured by electrocardiograph (ECG), which measures the minute electric charges at skin when the heart muscles depolarise during each heartbeat.


When no electricity is detected, the heart is regarded as dead. All body cells contain mitochondria which are the factories of energy-storing molecules called ATP. When the factories stop making ATP, the cells cannot function properly. Scientists discovered that a healthy cell should have a voltage of 70-100 mV, but cells will power down over time due to degeneration, and the degeneration process speeds up because of stress, environmental toxins and poor lifestyle. Chronic illness will occur when the cell voltage drops to 40 mV, and a further decrease to 20 mV can be regarded as cancerous state. Heart cancer is rarely heard of because human heart is always moving and thus always highly charged.


How can PEMF help restore health?

PEMF therapy is the application of pulsed magnetic fields to the body. It is a donating source of energy that helps our body repair, rebuild and regenerate naturally, and enhances cell functionalities. Bursts of low-level eletromagnetic radiation pass through skin and penetrate deep into tissues and organs, in order to activate the cells’ energy. Cells having enough energy can function well and thus stay healthy.

It is particularly effective for 

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