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Bach remedies

Flowers are not only part of the ecosystem or decoration, but they also have natural healing power towards emotional illness! It may be new to you, but it has actually been more than a hundred years since Dr. Edward Bach first discovered it.


Linkage between body and mind


Dr. Bach believed that disease was caused by disharmony between body and mind, and the negative energy of patient’s emotional and mental conditions could lead to physical disease. Thus, healing the negative emotions helps solve the physical symptoms. He discovered that dew found on flower petals retained the healing properties of that plant. By extracting the essences through specific methods, he developed a set of 38 different flower remedies based on wildflowers and tree blossoms, each addressing a specific negative emotion.


How do Bach flower remedies work?


Bach flower remedies are categorised into seven groups, which are fear, loneliness, uncertainty, lack of interest, despondency and despair, over-sensitivity and over-care for others. Each of the flower essences contains the positive energetic imprints of the plants. The energetic signals could interact with human body. Instead of focusing on treating the symptoms of disease, they treat the individual on an emotional level as one’s emotional problems such as trauma, depression and anxiety can hinder the physical healing process. The negative attitudes are not suppressed after taking the flower remedies but are transformed into positive ones. With fewer stressors hampering the body, its self-healing ability can be maximised to fight off illnesses and diseases.

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